Automatic weight matching machine

The semi-automatic weight matchingmachine DHCW-WM-14 is used for various irregular shape productsquantitative  weight-matching packaging like fruit, dried/candied fruits,vegetables, fish fillet, fish, chicken, drumstick, chicken wings etc. Tocompare with the manual weighing and matching, it is more efficient and accurateusing this machine, and the intelligent priority target weight setting helpsour users to save more material for packing.

There are 3 matching mode: by target weight; bytarget quantity; by both target weight and quantity.

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Automatic checkweigher is also known as dynamic weighing machine, especially for automatic online weighing with substandard products rejection of packing or single product.


The checkweigher could embed in the production/conveyor lines, mainly for checking the overweight/underweight and feedback the information to the filling or packaging machines, in addition, checking the abnormal conditions of parts missing or quantity missing of the packaging products in bag, box, tin, bottle. Ensure the net content of products qualified and the quality Integrity.


Dahang also integrated the metal detector, inkjet printer and labeling machine of the whole production processes.


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Weight Sorting machine

Dahang weight sorting machines have professional application in many industries especially for Fishery & Seafood, Poultry & Meat, Pharmaceuticals & Medicine material, Industrial spare parts & plastic parts etc. Special waterproof, dustproof and moisture protection make the machines running more stable. The reliable weighing and controlling system efficiently replace the manual sorting, improving the sorting speed and accuracy.


Dahang weight sorting machine regularly consists of three sections: the speed matching section, weighing section and sorting section. Some users will require a special feeding section, or automatic counting function for each weight level (such as 20 pieces per case), that would also be available for us.




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Metal Detector

Dahang metal detector with high sensitivity is widely used for detecting all metals (including ferrous, non-ferrous, sus) contaminants in packaged and non-packaged food, meat& poultry, seafood, fishery, ice cream, frozen food, sugar, pharmaceutical, Health care products, etc. The phase tracking, auto-balanced calibration function and FDA conveyor belt applicable to unpackaged food directly.


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