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    1. Applications
    This machine is used for various irregular shape products semi-automatic quantitative  weight-matching packaging like fruit ,vegetables ,fish slice ,fish, chicken, drumstick, chicken wings etc.

    2. Parameters

    2.1Weighing Unit (Weighing conveyor belt) Parameters
    Weighing conveyor belt: 14 
    Weighing Belt Size: 300x150mm
    Weight Range: 5g~2kg
    Accuracy: ±2g

    Matching speed: 30-40 packages/min

    2.2Machine Parameters
    Display: 14.1 inch color touch screen
    Controls system: Embedded System
    Water Proof: IP65
    Power: 220V, 50/60HZ, 1KW
    Material: SUS304

    Air Resource: 5~7kg/cm²
    Combination weight range: ±5g~8kg

    3. Feature
    Operation easy, large industry touch screen.
    Two combinations optional
    -- Combination by Weight/Quantiry:

    -- Combination by Quantity and Weight: When specific disc weight reaching the setting weight , then combination.

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