Metal Detector


DH series metal detector are widely used for detecting all metals (including ferrous, non-ferrous, sus) contaminants in packaged and non-packaged food, meat& poultry, seafood, fishery, ice cream, frozen food, sugar, pharmaceutical, Health care products, etc.



1.  Phase tracking function, stable high-sensitivity detection ability

2.  Product tracking function

3.  Auto-balanced calibration function

4.  Applying high functional FPGA, plan with Single Chip Machine

5.  Stainless steel 304 material, delicate appearance

6.  52 products storage

7.  IP65 structure

8. Strong detection effect

9. American food sanitation standard (FDA) conveyor belt

10. Suitable for a harsh production environment of strong vibration and high interference


  • Model:DHMD-300B

  • Model:DHMD-300B

  • Model:DHMD-300B

  • Model:DHMD-300A


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