DHCW-400*200 series checkweigher are suitable for small packages (bags, bottles, cans etc.) They could embed in a variety of production lines and conveyors, check the weight of each product individually and compare with preset standard weight, automatically reject overweight/underweight products with alarming.

Technical parameters

Weighing capacity: 1000g

Weighing speed: 120 pcs/min

Accuracy: ±0.5g

Weighing belt size: 400mm*200mm (Length*width)

Loadcell: HBM Germany

Material: 304 SUS, Polishing

Display: 8/15 inches LCD touch screen

Rejecting system: Flipper rejector

Product storage: 40 products

Communication protocol: RS232/485, USB port

Power Supply: AC100V ~ 120V, AC200V ~ 240V; 50Hz/60Hz


  • Model:DHCW-400*150

  • Model:DHCW-300*150

  • Model:DHCW-300*80

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