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  • Model:DHPZ-400*150-14

    Widely used in fishery & seafood, poultry & meat, vegetable & fruit, snack food,
    dog food etc.

    Our semi-automatic weight batching machine is mainly used for target weight
    batching and packing with high accuracy, efficiently replaced the manual weight
    batching, save the material and increase the batching speed.

    1. Humanized structure design, waterproof construction for choice.
    2. Quantity of weighing pallets: 14 sets.
    3. High precision weighing module and intelligent control system.
    4. 3 batching combinations for choice: by weight; by quantity,  by weight & quantity
    5. 100+ sets of product parameters seting and stored, can be freely switched freely
    6. Weighing and batching data output: RS232/485, USB interface, Ethernet, GPRS, WIFI etc.

Professional checkweigher manufacturer!

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