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ZhuHai DaHang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd (short for Zhuhai Dahang) is located in Guangdong, China and found in 2005. We have done the automatic weighing technology with R&D, production, sales and service for more than 11 years, our main products are checkweigher, weight sorting machine, target weight matching machine, metal detector etc.


Zhuhai DaHang is KangDing Group Holding (stock name: K.D Electronics, stock code: 830928).


Our checkweigher could check the weight of the items from 1g to100kg, the best accuracy is ±0.05g with speed 120 pcs/min. The stable and reliable weighing control system have won customers from many countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Kazakhstan, America, Chile, South Africa etc.


These automatic equipments are widely used in food and beverage, seafood and fishes, poultry and meat, pharmaceutical and medicine material, chemical and plastic industries.


Zhuhai Dahang is the leading brand of online weighing in china. Regardless of which branch you belong to, our equipments stand for 100% online weight control in your production.


Professional checkweigher manufacturer!

About Us
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